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Adoptables (OPEN) by FawnBirth
Adoptables (OPEN)
First batch of adoptables ready to go! <3
Bare with me, this is my first adoption batch ;;
Won't be doing the auction, instead I will be selling the adopts for $22 each!
Adoptable information
o All payments are made through PayPal and are in USD
o You can NOT resell or trade the adoptable, so PLEASE don’t buy one if you don’t intend on keeping them long term!
o Give credit to me as the adoptable artist please
o You must have the money on hand if you intend to buy an adopt, I will note you my Paypal and payment must be made within 24 hours

Price info
o You will get a full body colored and clean sketch of your adopt
o Adopts are $22 each
o Once you win the adoptable: you can give them a name, a background, personality
o You can change colors
o I will give you the png. File once you win your adoptable
3. Taken
4. Taken

art © Fawnbirth
I'm not active at all anymore here and DA feels like--a real shithole now. During the last few years I have notice the amount of trolls, imposters, renders, assholes, thieves, stalkers, creepers and etc increase, and it's sickening how DA doesn't give a rats ass about what's happening to its site at all :/
During the last... maybe 2 years? I have notice an increase of people leaving the site and it breaks my heart, because DA is one of the largest art sites.. but now it's just a dump for all the bad, while the good artist suffer.... I hate it so much how DA staff don't care about copyright or how they are so understaffed that they wont hire more people or HEY, yknow maybe get some volunteers to help rid DA of the bad on the site, I'm sure there are alot of people who would love to rid DA of all the assholes and thieves and such!
I can't stand being here anymore, the layout of the site bothers me now, it feels isolated and unless you are an outgoing, extrovert who is somewhat popular, then you might as well be a flower pot on the table in the furthest corner of a room.
I also don't like how if you are an artist who specializes in certain areas.. like adopts, then you'll most likely get attacked because "BAAAW YOU STOLE MY IDEA FOR CAT EARS OR PINK FLUFFY DRESSES", it's bloody ridiculous the amount of drama that arises from these artist who think they can claim and own and "idea" over an "object" colored this way or drawn that way!

The only reason why I stayed so long was because I had a couple of watchers who have always been there for me and have been super supportive during my troubling/depressive times last year, I'm just so grateful to you guys, and I hate that I can't give you anything to look forward to in art :<
I have been super active on Tumblr and Facebook (but my Facebook is friends only), so I will link you my new tumblr.. which is just an update of my old one (which use to be fawnbirth) but I have taken a different approach to art lately and I changed my artist name to suit my new style, so I hope you guys can follow and I hope you guys will like it :heart: I'm sorry I won't be here anymore, but I might come around once ina while to check things, but if you want to reach/contact me, tumblr is the BEST way to do that, I'll also post my red-bubble, because I will be uploading art to sell on there from now on!…

I really love being on tumblr, even if I am a small artist, even if I get just a few notes, it feels really nice having that small personal space just for me and I don't get to see anything else but my personal space. I also like how things travel on the site, through re-blogging, I think its a neat little feature and I've found so many cool artist because of it, and I've also learned alot because of how things get reblogged on the site, I follow people who reblog and upload things that fall under my interests, and tumblr users have a LOT of control over what they want to see and how, tumblr staff doesn't force anything on their users and they certainly don't take features away so you have to pay for it, which is why I love tumblr, PLUS, if you ever run into trouble with another user like with art theft or harassment, tumblr staff actually take action and help their users out, which is a big reason why I love it here more then DA. Tumblr really is to me: Your home, your friends, interests, likes and and you get full control over customization (even though I am a noob at HTML/css coding lol).
If I think of anywhere else I post art I will link them too!

Send me asks/mail on tumblr, so I know you are from DA, it would be great if my followers on DA can follow my tumblr, but I understand if some of you guys don't have tumblr though ;u;


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:iconlegaspplz: Need ze points to renew subscription, any donation is appreciated~~

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